Our Services

The team at Real Estate License Defenders helps real estate professionals stay in business.

Our clients are people with problems. Some of my clients desire to be real estate agents or brokers, but something in their past is standing in their way. I help them pursue the career of their choice. Other clients are licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate (“BRE”), but for whatever reason, be it a criminal matter, or simply an accusation, they now have to defend their license.

That’s where I come in.

I am a 20 year attorney with a background in criminal defense. The defense of Real Estate Professionals was born out of representing agents and brokers in the criminal courts and realizing that their problems did not end in court. Their livelihood was still at risk due to discipline by the BRE.

I provide focused defense of Real Estate Professionals in obtaining and defending their licenses.

Call me when:

• Your agent or broker application is rejected
• You are being investigated by the BRE
• You are accused or convicted of a crime
• An Accusation is filed against you
• And more…

I will broker the best deal possible to protect your livelihood.