Licensee: Will my Arrest or Charge be Made Public Record?

by | Jan 12, 2017 | Blog, Licensee Issues | 0 comments

As is set forth by the California Bureau of Real Estate, because of the Constitutional protections for the rights of the accused, information on a licensee being arrested or charged with a crime is not always made available to the public. If a licensee is arrested or charged with a crime, CalBRE is notified by the DOJ and a CalBRE investigation will begin. However, information regarding investigations must remain confidential per Government Code 6254(f) and Evidence Code 1040 unless and until the Bureau files a formal pleading recommending that the license be disciplined. With the exception of suspending a license during the period of incarceration after conviction of a felony, regardless of whether that conviction has been appealed, the Bureau cannot take action against a licensee until there is a conviction and the licensee has been sentenced.

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